City Bridges. A Finished Quilt

For some reason, this quilt has taken me FOREVER to make, get pictures of, blog about.  I had lots of love hate feelings for this quilt.  That combined with being so exhausted this pregnancy, and taking full advantage of the three year old’s naps and sleeping then instead of sewing.

I had all sorts of plans on taking pictures of this quilt when I was in Detroit with some old buildings as the background.  It was going to be awesome.  Really the best photo shoot for a quilt that I have ever done.  Obviously, that didn’t happen.  So when you are looking at these pictures, pretend the quilt is hanging in front of some falling apart downtown buildings and not just outside on a too sunny day.  Thanks!

City Bridges was completely inspired by a story book one bed time.  There was a train going over a bridge, and it screamed quilt to me.  I wish I still had the picture I took of the story to show you!   I had a bundle of Center City by Jay McCarroll just waiting for the perfect project, and this seemed like it would be just right!

I love this fabric line.  The mix of the purples with the reds and browns is just so perfect. (not to mention it looks great in my living room!)

I quilted straight lines in all of the white.  The skinny bits were quilted 1/4 inch apart while the fat zig zags are 1/2 inch apart.  In all of the print, there is loopy scrolls FMQ. I love how the solid Kona Berry back shows off all of the different quilting.  (and this is probably the 5th quilt I have backed in Berry this past year…)

So there it is, City Bridges, the quilt that took me entirely too long to finish, but so happy to have it!

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4 Responses to City Bridges. A Finished Quilt

  1. 1
    Barbie says:

    I love your design! Great geometrics. I love purple, too.

  2. 2
    Susan the farm quilter says:

    Great quilt and I love your quilting!!! Especially love the way you did the border and overlapped it with the diagonals from the white “bridges”! Really cool :)

  3. 3

    I love how this turned out and I’m a huge fan of the Kona Berry – such a great color for backings!

  4. 4
    olivia says:

    gosh, this is so pretty!