Warm Hands in Frigid Temps

      Well goodness, how is it January 10 already?! I had meant to do a big 2013 recap, a welcome 2014 post….and the days keep rolling by, without written posts. We spend Christmas through New Year with family in michigan. I REALLY needed that time away with family and it gets harder to leave every time. But as with all things; as nice as it was to be away, it’s great to be back home, organized and back to routine!

I did however manage a finish over the break. Colorwork/faire isle knitting was on my want to learn list since about the time I first cast on a knitting project.

And so, like I do with everything, I jumped in feet first and taught myself how or do it. It wasn’t hard at all. I just need to make my floats looser. I thought they were, but when I put them on, the fabric was still a little tight.

They fit beautifully! And the double yarn makes them really warm.

I’m thinking a striped cowl is in order now that I’ve overcome my fear of knitting with two colors!

What crafty fear have you overcome by just by jumping in?

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3 Responses to Warm Hands in Frigid Temps

  1. 1
    Cecilia says:

    Wow amazing Kristen!!!!

  2. 2
    knottygnome says:

    beautiful mittens! love your color choices. if you haven’t done it already, blocking should help tremendously with evening out the stitches.

  3. 3

    Fair Isle knitting is one of my favorites! Since I can knit with the yarn in either hand it came very easily to me and I can do it very quickly. As for what I just jumped in and learned – quilting, this past year. I’m obsessed with it know and haven’t touched my knitting in almost a year now!