Sweater Weather Will Soon Be Here…I Hope


Sweaters are one of my favorite things.  I’ve knit a few, and luckily, they have all come out amazing.  Maybe it’s beginners luck, or maybe it’s picking really good patterns.  My antarorse sweater is one of my most worn in my closet, and it always amazes me that I made it!

Erin, of This Bird Knits, asked me to test knit an upcoming sweater pattern….how exciting!  It was released last week, so I can finally show off my new sweater finish!


The pattern is the Siggy Sweater, found on Ravelry in This Bird Knits’ page. Don’t you love the yarn over “holes” along the cuff and bottom.  And then again around the arms.  Fabulous detailing!


The fit is perfect too!  Fitted, yet cozy.  I cannot wait to wear it!  The first sweater weather day we have, I know what I’ll be wearing.  And hopefully it is sooner rather than later!  Now back to knitting all the things for fall!!

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It’s Bigger on the Inside

Summer TV is awful.  As mom of two very small children, TV is what our exciting evenings consist of since we obviously need to be home by 8 for bedtime.  Since summer TV is not my thing, we exhaust the Netflix catalogue during the summer.  Last year we somehow got sucked into Dr. Who and surprisingly found it worthy TV for our summer nights.  While I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t consider myself a fan.  I don’t have any memorabilia, I couldn’t even tell you all the doctors.  However, there’s something about that tardis.

Fast forward a year to this summer.  I was doing a birthday swap with someone on Instagram who is a giant Dr.Who fan.  Of course I instantly thought of that tardis pattern that is insanely popular (found on craftsy as a free download)   I’m fairly confident with my paper piecing skills, but have never done really small pieces or anything intricate.


This pattern was a fabulous exercise in working with small pieces in a pattern!  I feel much more confidant in my skills now that I made this.  It’s far from perfect, but I did my best and am pretty proud of it!  (And the recipient likes it so much, she’s hanging it on her wall!)


Now I’m wanting to paper piece all the things. My new printer will be getting out to good use, that’s for sure!

What are your favorite paper pieced patterns?


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Springtime Really Means a New Quilt

This spring I was really wanting a new quilt.  I wanted it to just be spring: flowers, springy colors, just spring.

Lottie Da Half Moon Bay

I knew I wanted this quilt to look like flowers without being too literal.  I was sketching away for days when I remembered the Half Moon Bay pattern from John Adam’s book: Beyond Neutral.  This would be a perfect flower, but not really flower pattern to use!

I also decided to use up some of the good stuff too.  I hesitantly cut up my Lottie Da collection by Heather Bailey.  Really people, after you make that first cut into the good stuff, it really is a lot of fun to use the favorites!  I think because I used some precious favorites, the quilt is much more loved and used often!

Close up of the quilting

I quilted spiral flowers in all of the gray and a back and forth continuous line in the prints using a variegated Aurifil that was a greenish gray to white.  Perfect for this quilt!  I knew I was hoarding that spool for a reason!

Half Moon Bay front and back

This dark gray (don’t know where from) that I had was PERFECT for the back of the quilt!

Quilt Close up
I love how all of the gray reminds me of the gray rain and the bright flowers.  It all just feels so springlike to me….which was exactly what I was going for.  So, mission completed!

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Benartex Burlap Brights Blog Hop

Hi! For those of you stopping by from Benartex, welcome!  (And welcome back to everyone else).  I’ve been blogging here for the past four years and using it as a way to share and record my finished quilts with the occasional tutorial, and pattern!


I was given a bundle of Benartex’s new solids: Burlap Brights. They have a printed texture to resemble burlap, but are still super bright.  When I was working with them, I kept thinking how awesome the green and blue would be as grass and water or sky in an art quilt.  I don’t make art quilts, but now I kinda want to!

The bundle that I received was very rainbow with all the Roygbiv present.  So I really wanted to do something rainbow, without being too rainbow.

image Then the thought of a pineapple block hit me, and I knew that’s what I needed to create with this bundle!

To make your own Burlap Brights Pineapple Rainbow

1 FQ bundle of Burlap Brights (you will have lots left over.  Always a bonus!)

white scraps

the pineapple foundation paper piecing pattern

This isn’t a full paper piecing tutorial, but more of a paper piecing crash course or refresher.

Tape together the pattern.  I tape where I won’t see over it, and then cut off the extra paper so it doesn’t get in the way.

imageFlip your paper over and lay piece one over piece two, fabric right sides together.

Holding these papers in place, flip back over and sew down the printed line between one and two.


Keep repeating this flip to the back of the paper, align fabrics right sides together, flip over and sew down the line.

image image image

Make sure your fabrics cross over the line at least 1/4 inch. I let my fabric be way too big and then once I get I bunch sewn down, I start trimming down 1/4 from the seam.


When you’re all finished, you get the fun task of ripping out all the papers!  Finished block is 12 inch square.

Do you want to win your own FQ Bundle??

The amazing folks at Benartex are giving away a FQ bundle of their burlap brights (and they are giving away one at each post of the blog hop!)

to enter:

head over to Sew in Love with Fabric and sign up to follow their blog by email or blog reader. Then leave me a comment letting me know that you did so. For a second chance to win, follow Benartex on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Benartex) and leave a comment letting me know. The giveaway will remain open through Friday May 21.

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Something Special

As a quilter, it’s easy to get caught up in making another quilt. Man other quilt for a bed, for the quilt shelf, for the sofa, just because you need to make.  But every once in a while, the need for something special arises.  And you realizethat what you do is not just making another quilt, but really sending a hug and comfort.

We recently had a death in the family and I knew my step mom would be needing a few extra hugs. And as a quilter, a quilt would be a wonderful way to leave her with some extra comfort.

Patchwork and Stars by KD-Quilts

I had a few (hoarded) charm packs of botany that would be perfect for this project.  I wanted a garden theme, that wasn’t too flowery.

Patchwork and stars

I quilted flowers all over the patchwork squares.  I wanted the stars to stand out do they got pebbles (my favorite to quilt!)

Matching quilt back

Lucky for me, Joanns had the best coral kona to back this quilt. This was also the second quilt I ever labeled.  Now I think (again) that I really should label all my quilts and not rely on just my blog to remember when I made each quilt!

I was so happy to pass along this quilt.  I hope it brings comfort during a difficult time, as quilts should.

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Two Years in the Making

imageA little more than two years ago I had this fabulous idea.  After lusting after the Maple Leaf Rag quilt in Material Obsessions 2, I figured I would just make my own.  In my typical go big or go home fashion, I jumped in; thinking I would get it finished in just one Summer.


This quilt and I truly had a love-hate relationship.  It became my in between project quilt and I would do a little here and there.  I was mad I didn’t use all my precious fabric in it, so I wouldn’t want to work on it at all.  Then I loved it again and seeing bits of fabric from all the quilts Ive made….even if they weren’t favorite prints still made me smile.

imageI originally was going to go all out on the quilting.  After three bobbins, I wasn’t liking the weight and stiffness of the quilt.  Since it has the fabric behind all the blocks, there’s the extra weight so I needed to be a little more sparse on the quilting.  I ended up picking out all the quilting and starting over.  This time just doing a little swirl on every other strip in the rings and a dense swirl on the between sections.


This quilt was giving me such a hard time at the end. I told myself I wouln’t work on anything else until this was finished.  But now it’s finished, and I absolutely love it….and kind of want to make another…

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Flying Geese with Geese Flying

So I have been working on the blog post for a month now, and haven’t posted in even longer.  No reason as to my radio silence.  Mostly I have been caught up in snuggles and fire trucks and Legos, knitting and books.  Can you tell it has been too cold to sit up in my space and sew?  But with spring comes new life, new energy and new sewing projects in a much warmer sewing room!

I’m rambling.  The reason you all are here is a finished quilt!

I started this quilt with one thought in mind.  I wanted a quilt made of flying geese, but I don’t want any layout in particular. I just wanted to make some geese, no math and see where it took me.  It was quite freeing.



These geese flew over while I was taking pictures.  Perfect timing for some flying geese flying with geese!

I had a fat eight bundle of Tula Pinks Acacia and this top used every bit up. I love the big rectangles I put throughout the top and the borders.  These prints are awesome and it was nice to show some of them off. I went to get some kona for the back (my go to quilt backing) but this flannel was begging to be the back of this one and I am so happy I listened!  So.  Soft.  I want all the quilts to be flannel.


I will say, these 2″x4″ geese were a much grander idea than actually making them.  3/4 of the way through, I was so over them!  Of course, I love the finished quilt.  It has been a family favorite this winter (thank you flannel back!) Maybe my next quilt should be more “boyish” for my family of guys……..and flannel.  Must be flannel.

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Holiday Gift Blog Hop……and a giveaway!!

Benartex Fabrics has been putting on a blog hop this week full of holiday gift ideas that can still be made this year. There are some fabulous ideas and it has been so fun to be a part of the hop.

I made a set of cloth napkins, and not only are they cute, they are super quick to make! Using a self binding technique, the napkins look finished and crisp. They are easy to customize for size difference and fabric options are endless. I used the Boy meets Girl line for Benartex and made large dinner sized napkins.

Self Binding Napkin Tutorial


Want to win some fabric??

For a chance to win a fat quarter bundle of Boy Meets Girl, make sure you’re signed up to follow the Benartex blog either by email or through a blog reader (see both options in the right hand sidebar at Sew in Love with Fabric). Leave a comment letting me know you are, and leave a second comment if you follow Benartex on Facebook. In your comment, let us know if you’re making any handmade gifts for the holidays this year (and if you are…where are you in the process? Idea stage? Halfway done? Already wrapped?). The giveaway will remain open through Tuesday, December 9th at 11:59 pm EST

 Displaying holiday 2014 hop logo.jpg


Good luck!  Have fun sewing up some lovely holiday treats (to either give or maybe even keep for yourself!)

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Make it Now: Casserole Dish Trivet

When I host holiday dinner, I like to have all the casserole dishes come straight out of the oven to the table. This super simple and quick tutorial will have you all set for your holiday dinners this season!

This trivet is incredibly simple to make.  For mine, I included a 6 inch paper pieced block in the middle.  (The pattern for the tree can be found here)

::You Need::

Finished top of 23×12 (this can be a solid piece of fabric or patchwork)

Backing fabric 24×13 (there is some extra to allow in shift during quilting)

Insulbrite (the “metal” sounding batting stuff that is used in hot pads.  In the event you can’t find any, 3 or more layers of batting will work)

Binding and basic sewing tools

::What to Do::

After your top is finished and ready to go, either one solid fabric or patchwork of sorts, layer your backing right side down, batting/insulbrite, then the top right side up.

Quilt as desired.  I chose to do a simple straight line, 1/2 inch apart, and leaving the tree unquilted.  With all of the layers, there is a great dimension to the quilting!

Once quilted and bound in your usual method, it’s time to add the handle pockets.  Fold each end 3 inches (or more if your dish has wider handles) and sew them down.  Remember to reinforce your stitches at the beginning and end of sewing!  Be sure to stitch close to the binding so that your stitches don’t show.

And believe it or not, THAT’S IT!  See, I told you it was incredibly easy!!

(Tutorial originally created as part of the Holiday Hostess series on Ellison Lane last year)

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